Here’s a fact about our family – when we commit to something we COMMIT.

Case in point – somehow (I don’t know how), Mr W convinced me we should all go to a big festival last summer (before Covid we didn’t know how lucky we were!)

So, having never been to a festival since having kids (and not owning an actual tent) we threw caution to the wind and decided to just run with it.

Here’s what happened:

Very very muddy

Now, we have a garage full of baffling camping gear, and not much memory of what happened while we were there!

Learning point, though: committing to something is really the difference between “wishing” something might happen and actually making it happen.

This is something I’m working (very) hard to get across in The 5:2 Health Plan.

Namely, it’s not enough to just “learn” about the process. You need to commit to make it work.

Otherwise it won’t work. It can’t.

(Yes, we’ll cover all this – don’t worry).

So far, we’ve looked at some of the common “fears” about following a diet and falling off the diet.

And I’ve introduced you to the daily plan that you need to follow for your 800 days.

In today’s lesson, I’m going to look at a plan for your week. What days are best for diet days? We’ll also look at what happens on the other five days.

Discover how Kate made the 5:2 work for her and now fits in her size 12 jeans 😊

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