As I’ve said before this is a very personal struggle for me. I’m putting myself “out there” to show you how it’s done.

First let’s introduce the 800 calorie day. I’ve started strong with the ‘late breakfast hack’ which you’ll read about in the coming lesson.

But first I’m going to answer a very important question, “How much weight can I lose?” with a very personal example.

Let’s ‘imagine’ a woman in her 40s who is a little bit overweight. This person, let’s call her Jac, has put on weight recently and weighs in at 11st 9lb.

When she checks her BMI (you can check yours here >> Work out your BMI) it comes in literally at the very top of the ‘healthy weight’ category and precariously close to overweight.

Jac thinks a good target would be to lose about a stone. This would put her BMI more comfortably at around 23.

As Jac is in the ‘a little bit over healthy weight’ category her weight-loss would be around a pound a week and she could expect to lose a stone in about 3 months.

Let’s see how you compare to this:

  • Are you ‘a little bit over healthy weight but not much to lose’? You can expect to lose at least one (and sometimes two pounds) a week
  • Or are you ‘overweight’ with a BMI of between 26 and 30? You can expect to lose two to three pounds a week.
  • Or are you ‘very overweight or obese’ (BMI over 30)? You can expect to lose up to 5 pounds during the first few weeks of following the 5:2 diet. This will settle down to 3-4 pounds a week later on.

I’ve been looking through many of your struggles and I’m extremely excited to start helping you lose weight for good the right way.

Many of you are worried about (a) will the 5:2 diet actually work? and (b) will you be able to stick to it?

I can tell you that the answer to both of these questions is YES. The 5:2 diet is a totally different mindset to all other diets.

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